Unboxing The DS DCCMS 1L Mini Scuba Tank

When we were offered this tank, we thought this might be a fun exploration, but we have to warn you though that this is not a product for everyone. While there are definitely risks with scuba diving, and they are well documented, this is a great entry level item to get people interested, a tool for free diving, and a great safety blanket in case something bad happens to a primary tank.

Included in the kit is the tank, harness, regulator, swim mask, and even a case to hold them all in.

One of the annoying problems, however, is that while the tank is DOT certified, and does not need to be hydrostatically tested, it will need a visual examination and most shops don’t have the equipment to do so, so call ahead. Then once the visual inspection is completed, then they still won’t fill the tank unless you are a certified scuba diver. However, if you have your own tank, you can use the included adapter to fill the tank off a secondary tank.

If you want to pick up your own complete 1L Mini Tank kit, you can do so Here!

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