Unboxing The Drop X EPOS H3X Analog Headset

After creating the highly successful PC38X, Drop an EPOS have collaborated once again to create another amazing headset! The H3X is now finally available for people to receive, after it was only available for preorder last month. check out our announcement article Here.

The design of the HX3 is sleek, while also incredibly stylish. The ear cups are incredibly comfortable and hide the 40mm sized drivers.

Some additional features include:

  • Over-ear.
  • Closed-back.
  • Volume control on ear cup.
  • Flip-to-mute boom microphone.
  • 20-20.000 Hz headset frequency response.
  • 100-10,000 Hz microphone frequency response.
  • 270g weight (without cable).
  • Pick up your own HX3 Here.

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