Unboxing And Reviewing QuietOn 3

We connected with the great people at QuietOn, and we have to admit we have a reason to want to check out this product.

I got a chance to try the QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds, and had some of the best sleep I can remember in a while. The foam tips are reminiscent of typical foam ear plugs in comfort, but with the added benefit of choosing your size, so you don’t end up with ear canal pain from the plugs trying to expand in your ears. My size is extra small, so having ear plugs wake me up from the discomfort is very common.

Why do I need earplugs at night? Do I work a night shift and need them to overcome the noises of the day? Do I sleep next to train tracks? Am I a light sleeper? No. My husband snores like a cartoon bear. I once tracked the noise levels coming out of him and marked it at an average of 84dB. That’s close to the volume of a bulldozer. That’s marked as a warning for permanent hearing loss if experienced at constant levels.

As such, I usually sleep with headphones; but this can pose several issues. Headphones are made to wear during daily activities, and were not made to be worn while sleeping. They’re very uncomfortable to sleep with, especially if you’re a side sleeper, and they tend not to hold up under the constant wear and tear. I typically go through earbuds every 6 months due to breakage from sleeping in them. Constant sounds can cause hearing loss. If you’re not paying for Spotify, an ad will wake you up because they can sometimes be very jarring. The battery dies at 2AM and now what?

QuietOn 3 solves these problems.

They don’t play music. There’s nothing to program or connect to your phone. There’s only anti-noise, which automatically turns on when you remove them from the charging case. And even if it happens to die at 2AM, you still have passive noise cancellation because of the foam tips. The profile is small, fits really well in the ear, and causes very little discomfort while sleeping on my side.

They’re a little on the pricey side, but well worth it for the ability to sleep soundly. These might actually save marriages.

If you want to pick up your own you can Here!

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