Unboxing The Withings ScanWatch Horizon

I got my hands on a ScanWatch Horizon from Withings, and it blew me away. There are so many features without being overwhelming, and one of the newest features can be a literal life saver in an emergency.

The sleek, classic design of an analog watch with a small bubble screen near the top to display your features gives me the feeling of being a big time CEO without having to sacrifice the everyday needs of a tech-loving mom with both mental and physical health issues. The box includes a silicone band for those who love to exercise, and a metal link band for the more important fancy meetings where you have to look put together. It also includes a hammer, pin punch, band grip, and extra links, so you can fully customize the size and get that perfect fit. This perfect fit will be important for some of the other features to work properly.

See our video of the unboxing below.

Being a luxury watch is one thing, but as a mom, one of the most important features for me is durability. What’s the point in having a nice watch if it’s just going to get wrecked by my toddler? Well, 10 ATM water resistance means having it flushed won’t hurt it, and the stainless steel case and flat sapphire glass means the screen and body won’t get scratched when it’s thrown across the room at the wall. So it passes the “my crazy toddler got it” test! It also comes with a 5-year warranty so if something more… normal… happens to the watch, like battery death, you can get that fixed up no problem.

Along with the cool design, you have a really in-depth functionality. Through the app, you can add and remove features from the watch, which include the typical step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and notifications from certain apps. New on the device you’ll find an ECG monitor. This is NOT to replace your doctor or be used for diagnosis. It uses a mirror-polished serrated bezel that acts as an electrode to track your heart rate so you can work with your doctor if you need to keep your health in check. I am one of those people. Diagnosed in my teens with supraventricular tachycardia, my heart beats pretty wonky during times of stress. But because I also happen to have an anxiety disorder, “times of stress” can be anything at any time. You just need to set up a baseline, and it’ll occasionally monitor your heart rate and rhythm throughout your day and alert you when things aren’t right so you can show your doctor. AFib can go undiagnosed because it doesn’t happen during doctor’s visits and often doesn’t present with symptoms. This paired with sleep monitoring to discover potential sleep apnea, the health features in this app could literally be a life saver.

I’m truly impressed by this watch. The health features were developed with cardiologists and included several validation studies, so you know it’s not just a fluff feature that looks cool but does nothing. It’s the first watch to be cleared by the FDA for the oximetry and ECG features, which you can easily share with loved ones and doctors, to make sure you’re well taken care of during your life.

I love everything about this watch, from the features to the design to the durability, and I can’t recommend it enough for your loved one with health issues, your forgetful friend who needs to be reminded of everything, or your healthnut significant other who loves tech and wants to track everything. You can’t go wrong with this as a personal purchase or a gift.

Pick up your own Withings ScanWatch Horizon Here!

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