Unboxing And Reviewing The SKG E5 Face Massager

The E3 eye massager is fantastic for those who suffer from high amounts of stress, and those with migraines.

Migraines are more than a headache. It’s a neurological disorder, and can be triggered by seemingly anything. Migraines cause way more than just pain in the head. It’s a full body pain experience, ranging from sensitivity to stimulation (light, sound, smells, touch), to nausea and vomiting, and can be completely debilitating for hours or even days. Doctors still don’t fully understand what they are or why they happen, but one of the things that can help is pressure and heat on the face. At the very least, it’s relaxing, which is nice during a migraine attack. It’s also nice for other types of headaches as well.

The E3 eye massager applies acupressure-style massage to the area around the eyes, along with heat and soothing music to help relieve pain and stress, and loosen the muscles that can aggravate the pain from the headache. It has 5 different modes on it (active, soothing, relaxation, eye protection, and sleep), 6 pressure balloons, built-in heating pads that heat up to 107.6℉, and has bluetooth connectivity to allow volume control and let you choose your own music if you aren’t keen to use what’s provided in the device.

I really like the material that’s used against your face. It’s a “protein-skin” material, which is soft to the touch, translates the heat well, and is very easy to clean, so you can share the device with your family with a quick sanitary wipe down.

Check out our unboxing and check out of the device below.

The massager has a 15 minute timer on it, so you don’t end up using it too long, which can negatively affect the muscles and cause more harm than good. It’s refreshing after a long day at work, it can help relax you before bed if you have overthinking issues, and it can help to lessen the pain from a migraine. A fantastic gift for yourself or really anyone in this climate, where we’re all so stressed out from one thing or another.

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