Unboxing The XROS Oculus Quest 2 Fitness Face Cushion

When it comes to VR it’s always a pursuit of ours to keep advancing and looking for the newest accessories and tech that will give us a leg up while using our Oculus Quest 2. With that in mind, we were more then happy to check out XROS’s Fitness Face Cushion.

Not only is this accessory a lot more comfortable than the base cushion that comes with the system out of the box, but it also is better designed to help remove light from the field of view while play games. The cushion also features the ability to remove the connection bit via velcro, so you can swap it out for the other extra cushion so you can clean the unit and not interrupt your gameplay.

If you’re more energetic and sporty with your Oculus Quest 2, I recommend you check out the XROS Oculus Quest 2 Fitness Face Cushion.

Pick up your own XROS Oculus Quest 2 Fitness Face Cushion Here!

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