Unboxing The RADCLO Mini Drone

With the holidays almost upon us it’s going to be rough this year to get unique and fun gifts for everyone. If you have a friend or family member who is a big fan of photography, aviation, or RC cars, then it might be time to get them interested in drones!

Drones are a lot of fun and have many categories in which you can engage with them. From super intelligent smart drones over a certain weight that requires professional licensing and registration, to models that are a lot smaller and tech simpler for Drone hobbyists.

If you just want them to be able to pick it up and mess around with it a bit to see if they like the field, then you’re going to have to seek a less professional grade. That’s where this RADCLO mini drone really shines.

This hearty little drone is a great entry level drone for most people to jump into and try out. It’s easy to learn how to use, and easy to master the twin stick controller. The hot key buttons really do help with maintaining speed flight and take off.

You will have to use the trim settings to adjust it so that you can get it to the point where it can hover in the air, but for the most part this drone is super easy to use.

Pick up your own drone Here!

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