Video Games for the Week of February 18th, 2020


Ciel Fledge by PQube

A daughter-raising simulator, set in the year 3716. Humanity is under constant alien threat, and a strange girl arrives from out of nowhere. Of course you adopt her! It’s your duty to care for and raise this girl until she comes of age and is ready to leave your nest and fledge her own. Raise Ciel with a detailed daily schedule, help her make friends and get a job. Make her some nice meals. Teach her the right way to behave around others, and how to be a kind person. You decide how to reward, teach, punish, and maintain her mood. By making choices like how you deal with her skipping school or whether or not to give her an allowance, you determine what type of person she grows up to become. Track how she grows, help her with her classwork, customize her outfits, and discover the many possible game endings determined from your parenting methods.

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