Video Games for the Week of November 16th, 2021

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Battlefield 2042 by Electronic Arts

Rejoin the Battlefield in the 2042 version. Fight in massive battles, extreme combat with a first-person war shooter game. It’s not to far in the future, but this sci-fi esc game can support up to 128 players in an epic game of conquest.

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X

The Last Stand: Aftermath by Armor Games

Play as a survivor attempting to make their way through the ruins of civilization in this single-player game. Zombies still make the path before you dangerous, but perks and upgrades can help you survive.


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by Nintedo

Time to jump back into Diamond and Pearl versions with their Brilliant and Shining counterparts as it makes its way to the Switch. Choose either Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup and return to the Sinnoh region. This version brings back the familiar places and scenes as you encounter some new surprises!

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