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We connected with Wear & Hear during CES and really loved the tech they designed for people with hearing needs. They have a lot of products specifically fit a large variety of needs, and they sent us the BeHear Proxy neck speaker to check out. The Proxy rests comfortably on your shoulders, with two speakers positioned just below your unencumbered ears to transmit great stereo-quality audio directly to them. Proxy also includes retractable earphones for privacy, or in consideration of others. If the Proxy isn’t the exact item you need, then check out our prior article Here.

Gaming With Them
It’s important to note that these earphones are not specifically designed for gaming, but with our site being what it is, I found that it’s important to talk about these for the potential gain that these earphones may be able to provide. The speaker setting was awesome for this purpose. It feels more immersive with the sound coming in around you. The earphone mode helps a lot to amplify your gameplay experience, and make out dialog especially when paired with the app, which you can get Here. Using the earphones to pull out details will make you feel like you got bionic ears when you are going head to head with other players.

Connectivity Via Bluetooth
You can connect the device to Bluetooth systems, like your phone, tablet, or even your television, with an exception of course. I had problems connecting the device to my Sony TV, I was able to connect to another Bluetooth feature on my other lower-cost Televisions in my home though. If you have a television that this won’t work with, then I’d highly recommend picking up HearLink Plus for $69 (you can do so Here). Additionally, the HearLink Plus uses AptX-LL to produce sound with low latency so the lips will not be out of sync.

The fact that it rests on your neck disperses the weight pretty well. Additionally, the earplugs come with a large collection of options so that the item will not only be comfortable but also secure in your ears which is important if you have any hearing issues. The placement of the microphone for the enhanced audio feature is honestly an interesting choice. The microphone is on the right side of the device on top. While the spot is optimal for receiving the audio in the room for the feature, one of the people we had try out the device had a larger beard and as a result, heard a lot of noise in the earpieces from the hair rubbing on the microphone hole.

Additionally, I would have personally preferred for more of the control buttons to be placed on the outside of the device, specifically the charge port so you could wear it while plugged in, but the purpose of the exterior buttons is simplicity. You can raise and activate the function button without the confusion of pressing the wrong button. Additionally, the only toggle on the outside is the earphone-shoulder speaker adjuster.

All having been said, they feel comfortable on you, provide a unique experience, an advantage if you have good hearing, and can help bring back your enjoyment for those who are starting to develop hearing problems. We actually had a friend who was hard of hearing try out a couple of devices and his preference was the BeHear Proxy by a large margin.

While the BeHear Proxy is primarily designed to be a convenient personal speaker to reconnect those who are hard of hearing with the immersive sound experience that they may be lacking in their home audio needs, the device has some amazing additional features for the retractable earphones, here they are:

  • EasyListen
    1. Hearing isn’t just about volume, sometimes it’s also about clarity. The faster people talk, the harder it is to make out what they say. So the Proxy uses its EasyListen tech to slightly slow down speech during phone calls. They do it at a speed in which it shouldn’t negatively impact the presentation but does so just enough to make it more easily understandable for people struggling to hear what people are saying.
  • Personal Amplifier
    1. Activating the earphone mode on the device will allow you to hear what’s going on around you. Have a problem hearing your family and friends when they are around you? Then this feature will help you rejoin the conversations. Not exactly a hearing aide, but definitely a strong entry point into that field.
  • ListenThrough
    1. The technology, when using earphones, will allow you to listen to your favorite shows, or content while not being cut off from the world around you. You’ll be able to hear the door ring, or people talking around you. Don’t miss out on the people around you, while also enjoying your entertainment.
  • Self-administered Hearing Assessment
    1. The app from Wear & Hear is a must-have for use with this device, well it actually isn’t, but it should be for this feature alone. The hearing assessment in the app will allow you to adjust your usage to best fit your hearing. You can reduce ambient noise, adjust the sound from left to right, and adjust amplification. At the end of the relatively quick process, you’ve turned the headset from a simple speaker system into a powerful tool to correct your hearing needs.

    If you want to check out our unboxing you can do so Here, and if you want to purchase your own for $189, you can do so Here or you can pick up the Proxy with the transmitter Here for a discounted package price of $239!

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