Convenience Giant 7-Eleven And Gaming Giant Pac-Man Partner!

7-Eleven is partnering with Bandai Namco to bring exclusive merch, giveaways, and limited time beverages inspired by the game!

If you use 7Rewards, Speedy Rewards, or 7NOW Delivery you can potentially win an ultimate arcade for your home, merch, and hand-held games. When purchasing Celsius and Red Bull products, the chance to win is increased 7 times!

What is Pac-Man without the ghosts? They are taking over the drinks with Clyde taking over the name of traditional coffee, and Pinky producing a Strawberry White Chocolate Cappuccino until April 11. After April 12, until the end of the event, Inky will take over the Blueberry Raz Slurpee and Blinky will take over the Cherry Slurpee!

Don’t want to play, but want to purchase some of the merch, you can head to to grab some of the exclusive shirts now. I really like the Game Over Slurpee shirt and the Big Bite Pac-Man crossover.

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