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This is what we are, why we are, and how we are!

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We are veterans to pop culture, having worked for several pop culture news sites prior to forming our own. We are constantly attending So Cal conventions, getting interviews and insights that the average person can’t, so we can share it all with you!

We are fans of nerd culture, video games, and boardgames. In our effort to create a unique and helpful opinion towards new and existing content in the world, we will immerse ourselves into these fields to give our viewers a fair and unbiased opinion.

While some people have bias, we do our very best to approach any content from a non “Fan” or “obsessed” perspective… at least initially. In doing so we hope to fairly review content for the sake of content. That way everything gets a fair review and or viewers can get an honest opinion.

About Our Site | About Our Team | About Our Metrics

About Our Team

We have some very talented people as part of our group. Please allow us to introduce them to you!

Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Editor-in-Chief & Podcaster

Monica Seuthe

Photographer & Podcaster

Conner Sharp

Reviewer & Commentator

Eric has been writing for review sites, and performing his podcast now for three years. After working on several sites and helping to produce content.

Monica is as to nerd culture, as Warhol is to the art scene. She was building computers in her teens, moderated and ran several sites, has worked in entertainment tech sales for over a decade, and has been gaming since childhood.

Conner has worked on several film projects, from many vantage points. Giving him insight into multiple levels of the media.

Clideen Karami

Photographer & Interviewer

Mistie Newman

Interviewer & Reviewer

Jim Newman

Interviewer & Reviewer

Clideen is our fan boy. His joy towards nerd culture is pure and full of wonder. He constantly reminds us of the joys we felt seeing our favorite celebrity for the first time.

Mistie is a big fan of video games, and the traditional nerdy fair. When she isn’t working on a project for us, she is usually at Disneyland.

Jim is a fan of books, and writing in general. If you are interested in books, then Jim would be the guy to ask what you should read next.

Zack Garber


Jeremiah Jones

Interviewer & Reviewer

Matthew Hinkley


Zack is a gaming fiend, twitching it up pretty regularly. You can find his reviews here, and a link to his twitch on the right.

Jeremiah is our go to physical guy. When ever we need someone to run a gauntlet we send Jeremiah. Additionally he has a wealth of knowledge of games and TV shows.

Redefining the archaic mentality of what it means to be a man, Matthew is skilled, intelligent and not afraid or beholden to sterotypes.

About Our Site | About Our Team | About Our Metrics

About Our Metrics

You into numbers? Well this is our social media presence at this time. We update the numbers monthly.

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