Rule The Family Road Trip With Arroe Charging System App

I connected with Arroe Charging Systems from a Showstoppers event, and we didn’t know what to expect. They offer a couple products, if you consider an app a product.

Primarily they have a smart charging system that connects to power, and then can connect to your laptop, cell phone, tablet or other devices, charging them as they need. We aren’t here to review that item though, we are here to review their app.

The Arroe Charging System app is a clever idea. It’s an app on your phone that keeps track of your … phone. It’s battery to be more precise. If you have other items, like a tablet or laptop though, you can add them to the system by downloading the app on them as well.

Once you’ve got all your devices lined up on the system, the app will keep track of all your item’s battery charge and alert you to their status. It can even notify you when one is about to die if you set it to.

While this might seem unimportant to a person with only one or two tech accessories, I as a parent found a very helpful use for this app.

My son has to use a laptop for classes and homework, my daughter has a tablet to keep her entertained on road trips, myself I have a work laptop that I like to take on trips.

Nothing can make a vacation or journey with a family worse then running out of power, or not even having any before you get out the door.

With this system I was able to sync up all of my families devices and monitor their battery life. Gone is the excuse for my son not being able to do his homework, “My battery is dead…” Gone is the crying of the baby because she can’t watch Shrek for the 8 billionth time. Gone is the exasperated need to find a power plug at an airport because I forgot to plug in my laptop the night before a trip!

The app is free, so with the benefit it provides, and the peace of mind, why wouldn’t you want it? I used this device on my Android phone, but it’s available for Apple products and for computers.

A really nice upgrade is the physical Smart Charging System that Arroe makes. You can plug your devices into it, and adjust voltage directly in the app. Keep track of when the Smart Charger is running low in the app and never be without power when and where you need it!

Pick up this app to help manage your life easier on Android or Apple, and find out how to get a hold of the physical charging system directly with Arroe!

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