AutoEasy Launches AI Car Shopping Assistant

With everyone’s fear of AI, what it will do to the market place, and how it doesn’t really do a good job in the long run being honest about it’s sources, we know there is some speculation about the companies that build and use the tech.

When we heard that AutoEasy, a car marketplace, was incorporating an AI that will help transform your shopping experience, by helping answer questions, discover what is really important to you, and delve into concerns and needs of the consumer.

When people think about heading to a dealership, specifically with questions, they get frustrated at the idea the hard sale, and the fact that most car dealers aren’t exactly interested in what’s best for you, but focuses more on what they want to put you in. So placing that task into an AI chatbot could either be a great or horrible option.

So we had to try it out!

We gave it a pretty simple premise, because we wanted to see if they would just offer us an SUV, and frankly it fell for the trap.

Thankfully though, we were easily able to redirect the AI and it started giving a couple great options that met my needs but gave better fuel efficiency in my demo. We even got a great response when it came to our concern with upgrading to a partial or full electronic vehicle.

The best part about the site though is that it’s suggestions, and options are completely unforced. You can leave when ever you want, and get as many questions answered as possible about your auto needs as you look for a vehicle. That being said, the site does have the ability to sell your cars, find cars for sale, and with that the ability to properly connect each other to the appropriate person.

Find out more and try out AXEL Here.

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