I Used Amazfit Bip U Pro For 4 Months, And This Is What Happened

As a working mom of two, I’m always on the go. I also can’t always reach my phone while holding keys, a purse, a toddler, and 6 bags of groceries! I usually end up dropping the milk to answer only to find out that it’s a *great deal from Hilton and I’ve won a sweepstake I didn’t enter!*

That’s where the Amazfit Bip U Pro comes in. With a similar design to the Apple Watch, it’s sleek and durable, and most importantly it tells me who is trying to reach me so I don’t have to choose what to drop. And as a nerd, it can track my steps so I can get more candy and hatch eggs in Pokemon GO! Oh and I guess it can also note my fitness activity within its own tracking app, which has set goals for me and helps keep my health in check. But mostly it’s the eggs.

Speaking of the app, Amazfit’s new app has a ton of features that hook right up to not only the Bip U Pro but also all their other devices, like the Zen Earbuds (which I also have). Like the Zen earbuds, the Bip U Pro tracks your sleep schedule and patterns, keeps track of your heart rate and breathing, and can alert you to potential health issues you may not even be aware of! For instance, if you are waking up very tired after sleeping, you can check the app and see that…. oh wow, it looks like your blood oxygen was very low at a few points, which means you may have stopped breathing a few times! That’s an indicator of sleep apnea.

The watch faces, watch bands, and tracking features on the Bip U Pro are all customizable, too! I changed the band out from the black silicone it comes with to a pretty beaded chain that looks like a bracelet. It’s also a pretty standard watch band size, so it’s very easy to find new bands or even make them yourself if you’re crafty! As far as apps go, I had to add what makes the most sense for me. I have anxiety, so I have an alert that tells me when my heart is racing and helps track it so that I can have a history if I need it. I also set the side button to ping my phone, because I keep losing it! Full customizability is perfect for me because most smartwatches offer features I just do not use. I’m sorry, I don’t need to track fitness goals as much as I need to track where the heck I put my phone (it’s in the bathroom sink again? WHY!).

Is it perfect? No, of course not. But nothing is, and my issues with it are very small compared to the benefits. One such issue is the logo right on the front. I am not a fan of things that have the brand name printed right on it. It’s just a thing. But definitely not a deal-breaker.

If you’re an Android user, then the Amazfit Bip U Pro is right up your alley. I know this because android users tend to like full customization. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re not left in the dust! The Bip U Pro will work for you, as well! Just download the Zepp app, and connect the watch! Good to go.

All in all, this watch has offered me so much peace of mind, I can’t put a dollar value on it. But if I could, it would be about $60 because that’s what it cost. Pick up yours today Here.

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