Bodbox Is Bringing New Technology To The Workout World

Back in the olden days, our parents would put on a workout video on VHS and hope to mirror the actions of a fitness guru. The technology was astounding for the times, that a person could have an expert in their house through their screen.

Our generation was gifted with technology like the Wii Fit, Ring Fitness, and Xbox Kinect which used force feedback, precision scanning, and body mapping to make sure we were doing the correct exercises.

Now Bodbox Inc is taking that technology even further! Their software and device in combination acts as a coach or trainer for your personal needs. Using a combination of pose recognition, optimized workout, workout recommendations, and training software, the BODbx mk. 3 uses all combined with it’s Nvidia GPU and Pan and tilt camera to provide the best in training advice. Its responses are tailored specifically to your needs! It even corrects your prior actions to prevent bad behavior.

All the benefits of having someone there to correct your behaviors, without the costs of a personal trainer. It’s portable, so you can use it at home, or even take it with you to the gym, which is nice considering the fact that we are in a pandemic.

The BODbx mk. 3 is available for purchase for $469.00, and you can get your own Here.

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