Love Kills – Comic Book Spotlight

Hello! It’s time to delve into one of the newest graphic novels from Titan Comics. Love Kills is a story written by and drawn by Danilo Beyruth. This novel takes us through an experience of a normal man and his interaction with a vampire woman.

So lets jump into the comic and talk a bit about it.

Basic Synopsis

The story starts off showing the life of Helena and Marcus. Helena however is a hunter out searching for her next meal. Marcus is just a human who is trying to make right choices in life. When a chance encounter leaves Marcus demanding an apology for his broken lighter it puts him directly in the way between a turf war between Helena and other vampires in the city.

However, when his good deeds lock their fates, Marcus has to learn quickly about the absurd world that he stumbled into.

My Take

I have to admit the art is very adult and doesn’t pull any punches in the lore and style of the series. They really delve into it. It’s a black and white comic, so gore is a lot easier to take in with your options really only being two tones instead of crimson gore filling the pages.

I like how they set up their world, while we don’t get a ton of backstory, it’s a vampire story so the viewers already know the general concepts, and it plays with the tropes in a way where the end of the series is interesting and counter to the usual backgrounds in stories like Underworld.

This Graphic Novel comes out next month and you can pre-order it Here!

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