Tales For A HalloweeNight Vol 6 – Comic Book Spotlight

Starting off with an introduction directly from Sandy King, we get into the spirit of Halloween. Preparing you for 13 stories in a collection of over 160 pages! We don’t want to ruin any stories, or spoil any plots, so all we will do is give a basic description of each story, and then say what is our favorite and why!

Witches Storm
A story of a witch blown off course by a storm, and the few unwise enough to attempt to take advantage of the supposedly weaker woman.

The Lighthouse Closet
A stark turn in design of the prior story, this section feels period in it’s style as it tells the story of lighthouse, filled with nightmares in a tale as disorienting, as the style in which it is drawn. A truly interesting take on expressing emotion through art.

Gardening At Night
The story of a man, who inherits an art museum, but his desire to update the exhibits to modern time, places him at odds with the spirit of the building.

A dark tale of parents, their children, and the costs of family out in the cold dark forests of life.

A tale of a murder doesn’t add up, for a recreation pop-up experience. The creator and true crime enthusiast, in the guise of trying to find the missing pieces, pushes the story too far.

The Beasts Of Brooklyn Heights
A family takes a trip to a museum focusing on cryptozoology. When the son loses interest, the father tells the tale of the Wendigo that saved the revolution.

Wellness Check
A wellness check takes a turn, when a history of violence in the house, isn’t so much history as it is present.

Pyotr And The Wolf
Demons of alcohol and abuse would be a welcome vice in the place of the actual demons that plague a family trying to hold themselves together.

Questions of honesty, theft, criminal actions and proof put two executioners in a difficult place.

Swamp Lover
Capitalistic ideals fight against love, as a business man will stop at nothing to win what he feels is rightfully his.

Hard Boiled
Shifting in styles once more, from a comic theme, to a writen story with an illustration. This story focuses on a woman searching for a private eye to solve her most important mystery.

Zombies aren’t what we think they are, as survivors have to learn that you can’t trust everyone you run into in an apocalypse.

A stunning, and beautiful representation of the passing from this world.

Of all the stories read in this series, and it is a lot, we fell the hardest for Survivors, as it caught us off guard. The art is beautiful, and the story subtle in it’s impeccable telling. Every fact told is important, and completes to foretell something I still did not see coming.

If you are looking to pick up your own copy, you can do so Here.

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