The Yard Gang Halloween Special – Comic Book Spotlight

It might be early for Halloween, but when I got the chance to check out Storm King Comic’s newest Storm Kids comic, I’m always excited to dive in and tell you about it! The Yard Gang is a Storm Kids comic for your young ones.

So lets jump in and talk about this family-friendly comic book!

Basic Synopsis

The Yard Gang’s Halloween Special focuses on a family of animals preparing for the holiday season. Lucy, a cat is visited by his visited by their “aunt” who tells them that they must prepare for their Halloween wish, as the spirits and magic is strong this year. Afterwards we introduced to the myriad of other animals that are in this household. Multiple cat, dogs, and a tortoise.

The story takes a turn when Lucy looses their favorite stuffed animal, and it plays into their decision about what they wish for as a eerie wail keeps them up at night.

My Take

It’s a pretty simple and straight forward story. No real twists or turns. Just a cute group of pets. I will have to admit though that I did have to look up if you can feed dogs and tortoises raw pumpkin… Yes you can and it’s great for them. You learn something new every day!

The story is very family friendly, incredibly PG, and with the exception of witch craft and wishes, is acceptable for pretty much all ages depending on your household’s spiritual preferences. This comic book is a lot more juvenile than Storm King’s other productions, so it’s probably more for children up to 11 years old. If you are looking for something a bit more spooky or scary this Halloween season then I recommend you get your children This story instead.

You can pre-order this comic book now at your local comic book shop for when it releasing on September 14, 2022!

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