Conner’s Critique: Resident Alien – Season 3

With the third season of Resident Alien over, you might be wondering whether you should watch it or if it deviates from the prior years, and that’s why we’re here to give you our thoughts and our newest review.

As always, we break down our reviews by story, acting, and overall. So let’s jump on into it.

Story 7/10

This season sees a lot of changes for Harry. Working alongside the government to try to stop the Greys is a major change for him, and almost legitimizes his actions on Earth with the majority of the people in charge aware of his presence. At the same time, the threats from the Greys for his actions also come to fruition with Heather, an Blue Avian, serving him with papers about his violation of the Galactic Charter of Earth.

What would have been a road bump, ends up being an opportunity as Harry falls head over heels for Heather. Harry’s time on Earth making him softer, and more emotional, is also a gateway for Heather who has had a thing for Octopodiformes, but have always thought that they were stuck up.

While Harry’s stories unfurls, the mayor and his wife are dealing with their rampant abductions. The sheriff and his deputy continue to investigate the death of the Alien Tracker. All of this while the Greys continue on their plan to take over the Earth with their human hybrids.

I don’t want to spoil a lot for the season, since so much happens, but it was a fun ride that didn’t take itself to seriously until the back half of it. The first part really was a slow and fun adventure that stands out from prior seasons where there’s just a constant necessity to keep being active.

Acting 9/10

Alan Tudyk as Harry once again kills this role. It’s hard to imagine anyone but him performing this, as even in his older age he is still able to convey such a youthful and fun, if not sometimes unlikable, hero character. Also, we hope Edi Patterson returns as Healther in future seasons.

Asta and D’Arcy are now fully aware of Harry’s alien condition, and work well together to resolve issues of the season in the background. While Asta played by Sara Tomko has been fun and enjoyable as a character for the whole series, it’s nice to see D’Arcy, played by Alice Wetterlund, get more time, have more of her story resolved, and grow as a character.

Overall 7.5/10

The show has done a good job closing the season with quite the cliffhanger. I really hope that they get renewed for a fourth season, because the implications left over from the finale are massive.

It is a Peacock/SyFy show so it’s hard to tell whether or not they’ll continue it, but we’ll wait and see.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

Max, who was a mainstream character in the first season, gets a lot less screen time as the show continues on. Due to the fact of how long there are breaks between seasons, Judah Prehn, the kid who plays Max keeps aging. I hope that they are not preventing him from being in the show due to the fact that he keeps aging above his role. His limited role in this season was still pretty fun and had massively hilarious parts. So hopefully we see more of him in the next season.

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