CES Spotlight On The Roborock S8 Pro

In the world of smart vacuums, each option has features that make their product stand out above the rest but one company has the skills to still pull above the rest. Roborock. Last year at CES we checked out their previous model, and now they’ve finally released their S8 Pro model with so many bells and whistles that it’s already racking up multiple sales and outperforming other company models.

Just like the prior Roborock model, the new unit has a major dock station that provides cleaning solution, and wet and dry waste storage between weekly cleanings. One of the major differences between the docking station from prior models, is that this model uses a heating element to make sure the pad is not wet or producing mold and mildew between uses. The S8 Pro model also adds an opposing side of oscillation for the scrubbing pad to get the most out of it’s cleaning while It’s in use.

Another big change for the model is it’s upgraded rollers and intake orifice increasing the size drastically to allow the unit to be able to suck in more and larger items without getting jammed or damaged.

Pick up your own Roborock S8 Pro here Here.

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