Celebrate Hugh Jackman’s Birthday With Wolverine Comics!

On today in 1968 Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, Australia. He is 54 years old this year and most people know who he is from his first appearance as Wolverine in the original Fox Studios X-Men movie in 2000. However, he started working in the world of acting with an early career in theatre.

He has had a varied career with movies like Van Helsing, and more successful films like The Prestige and The Greatest Showman, but many people will never be able to shake the character from his breakout hit as Wolverine. In celebration of his birthday, and because the Comics Round-Up is dedicated to comic books, we wanted to share some of our favorite comics with Wolverine front and center. While these aren’t the most important stories, these are the ones that stand out in my mind when I think about his long career in print.

Wolverine #50 (1988) The story of Wolverine’s past has always been a very unique and interesting journey that was never really clear. While so much has changed in the comic books, between universes, dimensions, and so much more Wolverine’s backstory can be one of multiple things. This comic however was the first time that they really delved into it and were supposed to give a more definitive answer to the question. That plus the amazing style of the file folder with the shreds in the cover built in, it was an amazing comic to add to your collection.
Wolverine #92 (1995) After the effects of Wolverine lobotomizing Sabertooth, everyone is trying to help him, in hopes of solving the ever savage nature of Wolverine. Wolverine however thinks Sabertooth’s nature is still hidden within, and it’s a trick. The reason I love this specific book though is the ending, and covering the amazing healing factor and how it’s tied into how angry Wolverine gets. It’s a very interesting small snapshot into the character.
Wolverine: Back In Japan (2010) Pulled back to Japan to save his adoptive daughter, Wolverine must take on an almost unrelenting force of ninjas, gangsters, and assassins before they kill their target. When I think about the brutality and skill of wolvering, this series comes to my mind. It’s also so brutally violence that it’s just impressive to think that I was ever made. If you want to see Wolverine do it what he does best, and what he does isn’t pretty, you should read this book.

What’s your favorite Wolverine comic book? Let us know in the comments!

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