Happy Birthday Andrew Lincoln! Recommended TWD Comics!

Today is the birth of Andrew Lincoln, who a lot of people might know best as Rick Grimes from the live action series of The Walking Dead from AMC.

He was born Andrew James Clutterbuck in 1973 in London, England. Since the age of 14 he has had the acting bug, portraying the Artful Dodger in his school play of Oliver! Acting stuck so much with him that he continued his education at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

His first major break was in the movie Love Actually in 2003. He would later however find much critical acclaim with The Walking Dead series.

The Walking Dead series began in 2010 and is finishing up this year! Lincoln was a main character of the series until 2018 when he and his character, Rick Grimes, left the series.

The character of Rick Grimes was the main character of the comic book series as well, written by Robert Kirkman. The series started in 2003 and concluded in 2019. In the pre-zombie world of The Walking Dead Grimes was a police officer who was shot and placed in a coma. When he wakes up, the world has fallen apart due to the zombie infection spreading around the world.

Instead of ruining all the stories of the comic book series, we thought it best to just share three of our favorite comics in the series.

The Walking Dead #28 (2006) Explaining how Rick Grimes loses his hand, sacrificing it to not to share the location he received his riot suit. I will warn though that the episode ends very tramatically and has a trigger warning for the subject of rape.
The Walking Dead #191 (2019) Dealing with the final events and life of Rick Grimes. As always Rick places himself between an issue of volience and frustration. While he is successful at first, the result is simply a pause before his life is lost to an accident caused by his attempts to make the Commonwealth a better place.
The Walking Dead #193 (2019) The end of the series. No warning, no expectation. It just ends abruptly. However, Robert Kirkman does a great job wrapping up the story, jumping forward in time, and telling just enough to allow the readers to feel closure for the characters that survived.

What’s your favorite The Walking Dead comic book? Let us know in the comments!

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