Celebrate Carlos Valdes’s Birthday With Vibe In Comics

Today is Carlos Valdes’ birthday, the actor that brought Vibe into the real world with an impressive performance that spanned seven seasons of the hit CW show The Flash. Valdes was born on April 20, 1989, in Colombia, and came to the USA when he was only 5 years old. He lived in Florida until he was 12, and then moved to Georgia. He graduated from the University of Michigan and proceeded to perform in musicals and theatrical performances.

It was in 2014 that he landed the role of Francisco “Cisco” Ramon in the Arrowverse series. He even voiced his character in the animated series Vixen, and guest-starred on every Arrowverse show except for Batwoman.

As always, this is a Comics Round-Up, so we like to close out our article with a couple of comics we suggest showcasing the comic book character he is well known for playing. So here are our favorite and most important Cisco Ramon/Vibe comic books!

Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984)
The first appearance of Vibe, when the character was first known as Paco Ramone. The Justice League of America has relocated to Detroit when they meet a break dancing street tough who can generate waves of sound. Vibe as he is called joins the new in town Justice League.
Justice League of America #258 (1987)
After President Reagan issues an order forbidding all superhero activity, the Justice League of America is disbanded by Martian Manhunter. Not before Elongated Man and Vibe engage in a fight of words and fists. When Elongated man attempts to appologize Vibe does not accept. Dispite members attempting to stay close, Vibe ventures out alone and becomes the target of Professor Ivo and his desire for revenge. While trying to inspire a young hispanic child to look up to hispanic heroes, he loses focus, and is murdered. The first JLA member to be killed since the refounding.
Justice League Of America #40 (2009)
Raised from the dead, Paco Ramone a.k.a. Vibe is made into a Black Lantern. Now facing off against friends of old as one of the members of the JLA is turned into a weapon against them. His run is short-lived though as Doctor Light returns him to the world of the permanently dead.

What’s your favorite Vibe comic book? Let us know in the comments!

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