Happy B-Day Dino Stamatopoulos and Ted Raimi & Comic Recommendations

Today is the birthday of a couple of actors that have stolen the show that they have been in. Specifically Dino Stamatopoulos and Ted Raimi. Dino Stamatopoulos may be better known as Star Burns and Ted Raimi has a long time career as side characters over the years, but his best by far is Joxer The Mighty.

When we saw that both of these people had a matching birthday, we thought about how much fun they are as side characters and how it’s so comen that side and supporting characters steal the show.

Dino Stamatopoulos
Dino, or Konstantinos Pollux Alexandros Stamatopoulos was born on December 14, 1964 and has been working in the world of comedy for a long time. You likely saw him working such shows as Mr. Show, TV Funhouse, Mad TV, The Dana Carvey Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Outside of his live action work he has even created animated shows like Moral Orel on adult swim. However, the reason you know who he is most likely is due to his run on the NBC series Community where he plays Alex “DON’T CALL ME STAR-BURNS” Osbourne. He was also working in the background though as a producer and consulting writer.

Everytime he was on the screen of Community he would pull focus more then any of the other characters on the show. He even had a side story of faking his death, spoiler warning. Very few other characters within the show had the amount of backstory as Star-Burns.

Ted Raimi
Ted Raimi, Theodore Raimi, was born on December 14, 1965, and is the little brother of Sam Raimi. He has played supporting characters, fill in characters and “Fake Shemps” on his brother’s projects over the year. While he was only 15 while helping out his brother in Evil Dead, he started acting professionally with industry films for motor vehicle companies at the age of 17.

He has had long running roles in SeaQuest DSV and one of his most awesome roles in his brother Sam Raimi’s Xena The Warrior Princess series. He even wrote his own theme song in the series that fans of the show can sing from memory to this day. Joxer was a heart of gold dufus that wanted to be a hero, and would constantly put himself in Xena’s way. Joxer however just wanted to do good though, so was generally forgiven for his overzealus nature.

Who doesn’t want to be forgiven for being to excited at the prospect of being good at being good.

With the idea side characters that steal the show, we thought we would talk about a couple characters within comic books that stole the show.

Jim GordanDetective Comics #27 (1939)
Jim Gordan, or James W. Gordan Sr. specifically, is the Guy Friday to Batman in the DC Universe. While Batman can do what ever it takes, with training, money, and time, Jim Gordan specifically places his life on the line constantly for the betterment of Gotham. It’s reasons like this that his name has become as memorable and tied to the career of Batman.
Jimmy OlsenAction Comics #6 (1938)
Jimmy Olsen is a loveable photographer who has been shown throughout the variations of the DC comic book universe as being a young bright eyes chap, to being a grizzled hero in his own right. In the beginning though he was just a near child employee of the newspaper who was friends with Clark, and idolized Superman. It’s amazing how well he has continued on throughout the world of DC.
Bucky BarnesCaptain America Comics #1 (1941)
Bucky Barnes, or James Buchanan Barnes, started off within the Marvel comic book world as a plucky child thrown into a cartoon version of war alongside Captain America. As the comics evolved, the character’s story has changed to be more of an adult figure, and less of a Robin-esc child character. His story has even further evolved where he was captured, tortured, and even had the chance to become a villain, become a hero again, and even take up the shield of his friend after his retirement. The world of Marvel is not done with Bucky!

Who are your favorite side characters and sidekicks in the world of comic books?

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