Happy Birthday Stephen Fry and Jared Harris & Sherlock Holmes Comic Rec

Today is the birthday of Stephen Fry and Jared Harris. Two great actors whose represented as Mycroft Holmes and James Moriarty in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes film. It’s clear their involvement definitely helped the film be as good as it was.

When I found out their birthday fell on the same day, I couldn’t help but wonder if the two took the chance during filming to celebrate together. Do the two even know since both didn’t really share the screen together in the movie?

Regardless here are some fun facts about Stephen Fry:

  • Stephen John Fry got his first real break thanks to the work he did along with Hugh Laurie in 1983 with a sketch series called Alfresco, then again in 1989 in a series called “A Bit of Fry & Laurie.”
  • If his voice sounds familiar to you, you might have heard him on the radio, in documentaries, or as the narrator of Fable II, Fable III, and Little Big Planet.
  • If you are a fan of Harry Potter you may have heard him narrate the entire series on audiobook.
  • Fry also has had success having produced three best seller novels, including The Liar (1991), The Hippopotamus (1994), and Making History: A Novel (1996).
  • Fry has also been very open about his issues with mental health, specifically bipolar disorder, and constantly works to remove the stigma for issues as well as other mental health issues.
  • Here are some fun facts about Jared Harris:

  • Jared Harris has been acting since 1989 but may be best known for his portrayal as James Moriarty, Ulysses S. Grant in Lincoln, or his role as Lane Pryce in AMC’s ever popular Mad Men.
  • He received a BFA in Drama from Duke University, but then attended the Central School of Speech and Drama graduating in 1989 right before getting his first role.
  • He starred in Lost in Space as the older version of a character, but since his voice was dubbed over by a different actor he has disavowed the role.
  • He is the son of Richard Harris, an actor, rugby player, and poet. Jared even was shown on the cover of one of his father’s collection of poems.
  • This is a Comics Round-Up, so we’d be mistaken to not find a way to encorporate the subject into this article, so here are a couple comic book recomendations for Sherlock Holmes due to the duo’s work together in Sherlock Holmes.Sherlock Holmes was a character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an accomplished writer. During his time working on the Sherlock series, he found himself trapped with the character. He attempted to get away from Holmes by killing him off in the story The Final Problem. This story was specifically adapted in the movie that both Stephen Fry and Jared Harris starred in.

    When his mother read the book, she got angry at Doyle, and insisted he killed his cash cow. Doyle did then later return to writing about the character down the line.

    At this time, the character of Sherlock Holmes is mostly within the public domain, and is a literary figure that you can find all over the world of other literary works and comic books. Here are some representations and appearances of Sherlock Holmes within modern day comic books.

    Detective Comics #572 (1987) Within the DC comics world, not only does Sherlock Holmes existed, but he is a real person who lived, not just a liteary figure. In fact in the DC Universe he continues to live due to his healthy living. He has survived well into his hundreds and lives in Tibet. He however continues to watch and in this comic specifically helps defeat the decendant of Moriarty. His actions directly help Batman.
    Marvel Preview Vol #5 (1976) While not specifically a story within the world of Marvel comics, but just a beautiful representation of one of the more loved stories of Sherlock Holmes, the Hounds of Baskerville are re-told in graphic quality.

    Do you have a favorite time that Sherlock Holmes showed up in comic books? Let us know in the comments envelope.

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