New Comic Highlights for July 2021

There are a lot of comic books coming out next month, and the last Comics Round Up of the month is dedicated to what is coming out the following month. So here are some of the comics I am looking forward to, that are coming out next coming month!

Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1 (from Marvel Comics)
Releasing July 7th, 2021
After the fallout of King in Black, the world and the symbiotes try to find a way to move forward and adapt. This includes the oldest sibling of the aliens, Carnage! Created by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Manuel Garcia.

The Lot #1 (from Bad Idea Comics)
Releasing July 7th, 2021
While uncovering a lost soundstage, the new studio chief discovers the lost horror masterpiece of a legendary filmmaker, but his mistake in creating it was to actually perform genuine occult rituals, and now his mistakes are unleashed on a modern era. Created by Marguerite Bennett and Renato Guedes.

Life is Strange: Coming Home #1 (from Titan Books)
Releasing July 7th, 2021
The first comic appearance of Alex Chen, set to be the lead character in the next Life is Strange video game: True Colors. We’ve loved the series on our site quite a bit, so we are happy to see more content from this universe. Created by Emma Vieceli and Andrea Izzo.

Possessive #1 (from Zenescope)
Releasing July 21st, 2021
With the realization that his domestic life is falling apart, the main character buys a new dream house with the hope that repairing it will help him repair his family. However, the house is haunted by a murderous spirit. Things take a turn though when the new owner and the ghost find something in one another that they didn’t have before. Created by Hans Rodionoff and Adam F. Goldberg.

Cinnamon #1 (from Behemoth Comics)
Releasing July 28th, 2021
Explore the world through the eyes of the ordinary housecat Cinnamon. See how the normal world transforms into a world of intrigue and danger in this action-packed comic. Created by Victoria Douglas.

What comics are you picking up? Let us know in the comments and we will catch you next week, same Nerd-Time, same Nerd-Channel.

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