Comic’s Round-Up: The Birth Of Miles Morales

On this day in 2011 Miles Morales was created. The child of a Black father and a Spanish mother, Miles Morales walked in 2 worlds. A byproduct of the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales was an attempt at creating a different type of Spider-Man.

When the Ultimate Universe was collapsed into the regular universe, some changes occurred within the Marvel line-up. One other big change was the swapping of the traditionally white Nick Fury to the current Samuel L. Jackson look alike that exists in the comics today.

While the death of the Ultimate Universe meant the death of Miles Morales, the love for the character allowed him to be brought back after the Ultimate Universe was concluded.

It’s also interesting that the Miles Morales character had such a major effect upon the Spider-Man movies. A lot of the aspects and personality for Peter Parker were used, specifically for Tom Holland’s character, and are complete lifts from Miles Morales’ character.

In recent years Miles was given more attention thanks in part to the success of the first movie in the “Into the Spider-Verse” collection.

Additionally Insomniac Games even included Miles Morales in its Spider-Man game for Playstation, and then even gave him his own quasi-expansion storyline set in that game world.

Here are some of our favorite comic books that have included Miles Morales in the past.

Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4 (2011)
Dealing directly with the death of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, the world of the Ulitmate Universe was turned upside down. A young man picks up the mantle and the world is introduced to Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man. This was also the second launch of the Ultimate Universe. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, and Nick Spencer with art from Mark Bagley, Billy Tan, Salvador Larroca, and Clayton Crain.
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 (2011)
We are now fully introduced to the world newest Spider-Man. We get a look into the world of Miles Morales, and the type of hero we can expect from the man who would be Spider-Man. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art from Sara Pichelli.
Age of Ultron #10 (2013)
The results of a war through time against Ultron has caused to much stress upon the space-time continuum, and now the the worlds of heros accross the multi-verse have been affected! Written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Did we leave out your favorite comic book with Miles Morales in it? Tell us which one of you would have suggested below.

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