Celebrate Great Mothers In Comic Books For Mother’s Day

It’s a important day coming up for mothers in the world, real or imaginary! Mother’s Day is this weekend, and so many heroes either do an amazing job doing double duty as hero and mother, or owe their moral fortitude to the work of a solid mother figure keeping them on the right path.

While to often mothers in comics are left aside and forgotten, here are our favorite mothers in comic books!

The Scarlet Witch
Uncanny X-Men #4 (1964)
The Scarlet Witch is the sometimes daughter of Magneto, with a backstory as fluid as her ability to warp reality. However one thing is very clear about some of the most impressive, and currently relevant stories about her being a mother. After having created children which unfortunately were constructs to form Mephisto’s soul, she loses her mind when they are lost to her. However, to be able to get her children back she uses her abilities to warp reality to change the world to be a place for her children. Any mother can relate to that desire.
Invisible Woman
Fantastic Four #1 (1961)
Invisible Woman, or Sue Storm, married Reed Richard and had a difficult pregnancy requiring her a device from the Negative Zone. Unfortunately it did trigger powers in Franklin at an incredibly young age. Later in the comics, when their child is turned into a bomb, Reed is forced to take over their child’s brain to “defuse” him, and it proves that all the danger, and Reed’s choices where to muck for her. To protect her child she leaves Reed and takes Franklin with her. While eventually the relationship was repaired and they returned to the Baxter Building, it’s important to know that Sue was willing to throw away everything she knew to keep her son safe.
May Parker
Strange Tales #97 (1962)
With the death of Peter Parker’s parents, Ben and May Parker took in their nephew and took care of him through a rough time in his adolescence as he deals with the loss of his parents, while having lost people herself. Even after the death of her husband Ben, May continues to be a support structure for Peter, and helps him become the hero he is today. In all of the stories of Peter Parker, Aunt May is either aware and a supporter of Spider-Man, or a constant phone-a-friend for Peter’s moral compass.
Bova Ayrshire
Giant-Size Avengers #1 (1974)
Bova, an evolved cow, delivered Pietro and Wanda when Magda Lehnsherr arrived to her, after fleeing her husband. When Magda left the safety of Bova’s home, she left her children behind in Bova’s care. Eventually she found a suitable home for Pietro and Wanda, with the Maximoffs. Even later in time found herself looking after Pietro’s daughter Luna as well. While Bova wasn’t specifically the twin’s mother, she took care of them when Magda abandoned them and sought them a home. Not all mothers are biological.
Martha Kent
Superman #1 (1939)
Martha Kent may not have birthed Clark, but when her and Jonathon found Clark in a rocket, she jumped to take care of the boy. The house life of Clark was ideal and nurturing with no loss of love regardless of genetic linkage between the two. Clark for all sense of the world is Martha’s son. The likelihood that Clark is Superman due to Jonathon and Martha’s raising is made even more clear when looking at the Red Son version of Superman. While Clark has moved on from his family home, Clark spent the majority of his young life looking to Martha for advice and help.

Did we leave out your favorite comic book mom? Let us know who you would have added below!

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