What You Need To Know Before She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

She-Hulk is an amazing character. What might have started off seeming a lot like an easy cash grab, a female version of an existing hero ended up something better than the sum of its origin. True believers know She-Hulk is a story about a woman torn between two worlds.

Jennifer Walters is an attorney and cousin to the green menace Bruce Banner. Unfortunately though, a criminal aims to murder her. He even almost achieves his desired result. Jennifer Walters is left dying and in need of a rare blood donation. Knowing the risks, but also the result if he abstains, Bruce shares his blood saving her life. Jennifer survives but the worst happens and she now has the powers and drawbacks of the Hulk.

Unlike the savage nature of the Incredible Hulk within Bruce Banner,  her Hulk form does not bifurcate or separate her personality into two forms. She is herself but in peak physical form, taller, green, and with a shorter fuse.

In the comics she has taken up many mantles from feminist icon, an attorney for superheroes, too even surrealism as her character constantly breaks the 4th wall even more than Deadpool in some of her issues.

So with that in mind let’s talk about our favorite comic books featuring the green fem-fatal with a juris doctorate.

The Savage She-Hulk #1 (1979) The first appearance of the character and the complete backstory to why she got her powers as well as the first use of them to prevent her attempted assasination. Written by Stan Lee with art from John Buscema.
Secret Wars #3 (1989) This is the story of the Beyonder and his Battleworld. It is here that Doctor Doom imbibed Tatiana with powers and the first time that the She-Hulk faces off with one of her more regular archnemesis.  Written by Jim Shooter with art from Mike Zeck.
Sensational She-Hulk #9 (1989) At the start of the Sensational run of comics She-Hulk had taken to breaking the 4th wall before Deadpool had ever been in DC comics (That’s a pretty meta comic joke buddy.) [Oh I’m aware…]. The best of all the comics in the sensational comics line-up however is when she faces against Madcap and the comic takes a more cartoon aspect to the violence.  Written by Richard Starkings and Greg Wright with art from Bryan Hitch.

Did we not mention your favorite comic book featuring She-Hulk? Tell us which one you would have included down below.

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