Matt Haley Brings Cyberfist Figures To Kickstarter

Artist for Marvel, DC, and Stan Lee, Matt Haley has worked on projects like Stan Lee’s ‘Who Wants To be A Superhero.’

Now Haley is putting his attention toward a retro love of toys from the 80s and 90s. That’s why he created his own toy line including a small run of Cyberfist based off his 2000 film that he wrote and directed of the same name.

He chose that character to be the basis for the figure because it connected with his love for comics of that era that inspired his career.

Now you can join the battle for Apex City and live out the adventures of Cyberfist and ArmaGloven with these new 4-inch 1/18th scale action figures.

If you don’t know who the Street Hero Cyberfist is, he is a hero that wears a high-impact heltmet and a state-of-the-art multi-function powered gauntlet that emits pulsating energy beams through the fist. There is even a future comic book planned to connect with the lore of the action figures!

This project was picked, before launching, by kickstarter for the Projects they Love, and while is not yet live, when it is you can find it Here!

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