See What Displate Has In Store For Their 11th Birthday!

For 11 years the Polish company Displate has produced some amazing an unique posters that help their clients show off their love for movies, games, comics, and pop culture. Now for their 11th Year they are bringing their biggest sale of the year in which fans can save up to 40% off.

Today through May 23, at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) Displate is offering its biggest sale of the year using their “BDAY” code.

  • One to Two Displates: 30% off
  • Three Displates: 35% off
  • Four or More: 40% off
  • Unfortunately the sale code excludes limited editions, Lumino, and Textra.

    11 Designs for 11 Years

    While they have sold over 11 million posters to over 1.8 million homes, all within 11 years. To celebrate their 11th birthday Displate is releasing 11 posters choosen by the Displate community to be included into the Textra design. From works of pure art, to floral illustrations, they showcase so many amazing and various styles for any art lover.

    Displate’s Limited Edition Birthday Design

    Another treat of Displate’s birthday is their new limited edition birthday design. The poster not only features bright and saturated neon colors on a black background, but is full of easter eggs for Displate’s customers that have showcased a love for sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy themes. Can you find all the easter eggs?

    New Licensed Posters

    Displate has five new pop culture designs from some of the most amazing fandoms that either are incredibly limited are only available until June 17. See which one you want, and grab them before they are gone!

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Exclusive Drop See the elements on display and bending in this limited poster. Available Until June 17.
  • Star Trek Exclusive Drop A limited poster of the USS Enterprise exploring the galaxy. Available Until June 17.
  • Limited Edition Godzilla vs King Kong See the iconic beasts rage war. Only 1000 copies!
  • X-Men Double Feature A double Textra Poster Showcasing Jim Lee’s art style.
  • League of Legends Lumino An animated OLED lit poster.
  • See the full list of birthday posters from Displate Here!

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