Displate Brings Sales For V-Day Nerdy Gifts!

When you have a Nerd in your life, the types of gifts you can give your nerdy loved ones can become a lot of shelf covering, and display filling products. However, I still remember the days of the poster. I would place three or four around my room, and as my moods changed it became a problem to replace them.

For those that still love posters, Displate can meet the needs of showcasing subjects and products that you live with so many amazing partnerships to create some awesome and amazing collectible posters. These include Dungeons and Dragons, Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, Rebel Moon, Cyberpunk, Warhammer 40,000, and Marvel themed posters as well to name a few.

These posters however are also metal and include a simple magnetic mounting system that will allow you to swap out the posters depending on you or your nerds go to topics and loves of the day.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Displate has some amazing deals.

  • Until February 11 purchasers can use code DRAGON to get 24% off one Displate and 34% off your purchase of two or more Displates.
  • From February 13-15 purchasers can use code LOVE to get 22% off one Displate and 33% off your purchase of two or more Displates.
  • Looking for something extra special? In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Displate has a limited edition Cyberpunk poster Called Meet The Mox available now and Here!

    What are you thinking about picking up?

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