Dorian Partners With Lionsgate For Unique Blair Witch Fan Fiction

Dorian is an app platform that allows writers to take their stories and turn them into animated games, allowing creators to sidestep the need to learn years and years of coding for the purpose of turning their content into a visual medium. I’ll be honest, the style of the app isn’t going to win you any direct awards, but there is something amazing about taking something you create yourself, and seeing it play out in a program.

We aren’t the only one who thought that though, as Lionsgate partnered with Dorian to create a new way for fans of the IP of Blair Witch to interact with the property.

If you love Blair Witch, and have written your own stories within it’s world, now is your chance to not only create those stories into playable immersive games, but also to potentially earn revenue as Dorian has fully received Licensing rights to the property! No need to worry about a cease and desist from Lionsgate!

To get involved, all you have to do is, starting October 15, 2021, submit your fanfiction, via the Dorian app, for a chance to win the right to publish your licensed playable game via the platform created by Dorian. Submissions will stop being accepted on October 31, 2021. One grand prize winner will event get a virtual meeting with a Lionsgate Senior Motion Picture Executive!

While they are starting this with Blair Witch, who knows where Lionsgate and Dorian‘s partnership may take them!

If you don’t win don’t worry, there is still plenty of ways to create and earn with Dorian. Head to the Apple Store or Google Play to pick up your own copy of Dorian!

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