Drop… Drops Pre-Order For New Lord Of The Rings Keycaps!

We’ve covered the Lord of the Rings styled keyboards from Drop in the past, you can see our coverage of the Dwarvish keyboard Here and the Black Speech keyboard Here. Now they are increasing their collection of themed items from the world of Tolkien.

Originally they had already released their The One Ring keycap which was modeled after the ring that binds them all.

Now they are releasing three more!

The artisan keycaps are themed after the Eye of Barad-dûr, the Morgul Fellbeast, and Sauron The Dark Lord.

The first run will be limited to 500 pieces per model, so if you want to add these keycaps to your collection early, then you need to pre-order this now!

Pre-order these keycaps Here to get them on their first print run in September of this year!

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