Upgrade Your Youtube Memberships With Emojam

Emojam is an app that lets you share GIFs with sound similar to GIPHY or Bitmoji. The GIFs and Emojis that you create will have sounds. They come off a lot like mini-Tiktoks.

Emojam has already worked with music talents like Mike Shinoda, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Run the Jewels.

The reason? Emojam is the first platform to pair low level GIFs with sound and now they are partnering with YouTube for their creators benefits! Creators will be able to add Emojam as perks for their Channel Memberships.

Members will be able to use custom GIFs and emojis with sound. Emojam‘s GIFs are quick and easy to create and add a lot to the creative ways for fans to interact in social settings. To be able to use these features though, you need to be able to offer memberships to your channel.

Head to Emojam to learn how to use Emojam, and connect and retain loyal fans to your Youtube memberships!

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