EyeLights, Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet Add-On Coming To Kickstarter!

Have you wanted a way to get all your details while riding your motorcycle, or simply want to feel like you ripped out of the page of a SciFi novella.

Well Eyelights is a company that in 2017 they created a heads-up display.

Now they are creating the EyeRide device, and is giving people in Europe and North America a chance to engage with their phones hands-free while driving!

Compatible with most helmets, EyeRide will allow you to manage your maps, calls, and music all hands free and all shown inside your visor of your helmet on a video game-esc HUD!

Connect the main drive of the device to your helmet, and then sync it to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Once connected you’ll be able to use maps from Apple, Google, and Waze, or music from Apple and Spotify!

Support the Kickstarter for this product Here!

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