Replicade Brings Food Fight Mini-Cabinet And Coke Themed Mini-Fridge

Developed by General Computer Corporation, Food Fight was released in 1983. It was a unique game that used a banana themed joystick. Now you can enjoy this console for yourself in 1/6 scale replica form with the newest pre-order at New Wave Toys. Like their other models, this 1/6 scale cabinet stands at 12 inches tall, and is fully functional.

They are releasing not one version though, but two cabinets, the Standard Edition, and the Pre-Order Edition that features a unique color modification to the design.

The cabinets is available for pre-order here for the Standard Edition and here for Pre-Order Exclusive Edition! The Standard Edition and the “Pre-Order” edition costs the same price of $139.99 for the pre-order, but if you miss the pre-order it’s price will be $159.99. Pre-orders are limited though, so hurry and order yours today!

The cabinet is expected to ship in Q1 of 2023. So, once again, there is a bit of a wait but it will still make a great addition to your gamer cave!

If you’d rather have a Dragon’s Lair cabinet than a converted one, you can always pre-order the Dragon’s Lair cabinet Here! Due to its success in 2021, they decided to do another run of the RepliCade!

We love the replicas that New Wave makes to connect to our retro vibes.

On that note, they have a brand new accessory good for anyone’s gaming cave. A mini old school soda vending machine. This Coca-Cola vending machine can hold one glass bottle, or two cans of Coke! On top of the functional use of the mini-mini fridge, the device features a functional vending feature. You can input the tiny coins, make a selection, then vend out a tiny Coke can! You can’t drink it though.

This awesome accessory comes in two formats, tradition Classic Coke, and New Coke! Both retail for $159.99 but is currently available for pre-order at $139.99 shiping in Q4 of 2022.

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