COVID-19 Claims Another Fundraising Campaign

First and formost, I want to state that I understand that people are suffering in many walks of life, as businesses, and companies close their doors, for what could be the last time. Our heart goes out to those companies, and we hope that something can be done to prevent them from being shut down for good.

With the sad news that April Foolishness, followed by the dismissal of the hosts of KROQ’s legendary morning show that brought it to life, it’s a bad year for charities.

Every year in March, Jersey Mikes hosts their annual Month of Giving fundraising campaign, in it they schedule the head day on March 25th, where all their proceeds for the day goes to a local charity.

However COVID-19 has incredibly killed their operations, and closed all in store sales, forcing them to only perform delivery or pick-up.

With all that in mind, Jersey Mikes was forced to cancel this year’s event.

These lack of donations from the 25th will hurt the 200 charities that would have benefited, that being said, Jersey Mikes assures that all the donations made during March will still go to the local charities.

Jersey Mikes promises that when this situation is resolved, they will look for more opportunities to support these charities missions.

How can you help? Well if you are able, and we want to emphasis ABLE in this time to help these charities, you can find them Here, and they are going to need help, as well as everyone will.

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