Liquid Death Actually Giving Away A Jet!

Did you love the Netflix series “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” If you haven’t seen it yet, Here is our review to get you in the mood.

Regardless on if you loved the series, or lived through the events in real time, they definitely had an effect on the people at Liquid Death. With that in mind, they’ve decided that they are going to finally correct a wrong that Big Soda perpetrated years ago.

That’s right, Liquid Death is going to be giving away a jet, but not just any Jet, the Liquid Death jet titled The Dehydrator. Included in the prize package is this:

  • The Dehydrator, an Aero L-39C Albatros Jet. The vehicle’s top speed is 470 mph.
  • Six months of free hanger space for the Dehydrator.
  • A Liquid Death branded Jet Pilot Helmet.
  • A Cop holder within the vehicle that fits a can of Liquid Death, and
  • A years supply of Liquid Death.
  • The contest will start from today May 21, 2024 and will conclude on September 4, 2024. During that time every can purchased at physical stores, Online Purchases Excluded, can have it’s receipt scanned and uploaded at and every can purchased on the receipt is an entry.

    Balls in your court Pepsi, make it right!

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