We Previewed The Lost Spirits Experience At Area 15!

We love the people of Lost Spirits. They bring a level of showmanship and design to distilling that you just don’t see from the likes of other brands.

We actually stopped by the location in Los Angeles in 2019, which is temporarily closed at this time. See our article Here talking about the Los Angeles experience.

We aren’t here to talk about Los Angeles though, it’s time for Vegas baby!

This week, August 15, 2021, the Lost Spirits is opening their new Las Vegas Distillery at the art collective experience group, Area 15. You may have seen our prior coverage of the space with our Omega Mart coverage, (see out video Here), but we’d never hesitate to return for more here!

While the Los Angeles experience was group-specific, the new Lost Spirits experience in Vegas focuses more on progression at your own pace.

The experience has three lounges to relax in, a couple of hiding spots, and several tastings throughout the property that will keep you progressing. Additionally, if you love adventure and stylish places to drink, then you owe it to yourself to stop in.

Visitors will be taken to a Cuban Hotspot, to the back alleys of futuristic Victorian London (oh it will make sense when you see it), through the back rooms of the company, and deep beneath the waves, as an AI taunts and guides you on your journey. Along the way visitors will be greeted and informed about the history of rum, whiskey, brandy, and Lost Spirits itself.

If you’ve been to the Los Angeles location, then there is plenty of new reasons and surprises if you stop by Las Vegas, plus new things to taste.

The new tour includes samplings from:

  • Japonisme
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Framboise
  • Navy Style Rum
  • Cuban Inspired Anejo Blanco
  • The really amazing thing about this experience is that it will only group larger and more intricate with time as they’ve purchased multiple buildings at Area 15 and have great plans. There is so much more that will happen with this partnership between Area 15 and Lost Spirits.

    That being said, you are still going to want to experience this event as soon as you can, and return multiple times. If one thing, just so you can grab some more of their delicious libations!

    Purchase your tickets for the event Here now, as they will be selling out quickly and for a while!

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