Oxenfree II Brings Unique Soundtrack To Vinyl Record

Night School is an indie game studio known for creating the amazing Oxenfree and it’s sequel Oxenfree II: Lost Signals. If you’ve ever even seen a bit of this game, you’d know how addictive and engaging it is.

Now the game and iam8bit has teamed up to create a unique and amazing official soundtrack vinyl record with the game’s music.

Priced at $42.99 the soundtrack is a 2xLP record which includes 22 tracks.

Music on Side A

  • Atwater Station
  • Nightfall, Camena
  • To The Valley
  • Cleaned Slate
  • Lift
  • Music on Side B

  • No Exit
  • Waterhead Bluffs
  • Atalanta Argonaut
  • Galvanic
  • A Block. A Rock. A Grave. A Cave.
  • Change The Station, Time Went
  • It’s Time To Go
  • Music on Side C

  • Blacklake
  • The Stars Are On Their Side
  • A Bridge
  • Garland
  • Past Days
  • Music on Side D

  • To The Island
  • Plots
  • Space Between Time
  • To The Summit/To The Docks
  • Ghosts Of The Pacific Northwest
  • Purchase your own copy of the Oxenfree II: Lost Signals 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack Here! It will ship immediately!

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