Victrix Pro BFG Goes All Out For Call Of Duty

We love PDP. Their controllers are amazing, artistically, beautiful, and feature really cool abilities and designs.

We just recently checked out their Afterglow Wave for the Xbox, see that Here, and their Zelda themed Nintendo switch Rematch controllers, see that Here.

In the past we’ve directly reviewed and unboxed the PDP Victrix Pro BFG Controller for Playstation 5.

If you want to check out our unboxing of it, you can do so Here.

What are the really amazing features of the Victrix Pro BFG? This controller is completely customizable with regards to removal and interchangeable modules. The controller can also be remapped and adjusted to it’s user’s desire.

This new version of the Victrix Pro BFG controller is identical in it’s features and form to the prior model. However, now their is a limited unique new skin on the controller as a tribute to the Call of Duty franchise.

So if you’re a fan of Call of Duty and want to get a unique controller to not only show off your love, but also gear you up for your next re-match, then you should pick up the Victrix Pro BFG limited edition Call of Duty controller Here!

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