Find Out About Ring Brand New Amazon Sidewalk

Everyone is interested in the Ring Security Drone, but something that sneaked by was their new feature which is Amazon Sidewalk.

The concept is that when your internet goes down, you are unable to get recordings and alerts about your doorbell and cameras, to solve this situation Ring and Amazon are allowing a low-bandwidth network for Ring products from any other nearby device.

That means your doorbell will broadcast your wifi on a lower degree, allowing your neighbors to still get alerts, and you the same. This feature will supposedly also come along with more neighborhood features to help you find lost pets and personal property.

I am unsure how they will, because those features already exist within the Neighbors app, that Ring already integrated into their App.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a feature that you activate, but one that automatically activates for you. If you do not consent to share your internet access with strangers, you must specifically deactivate the service within the Ring App when it launches later in the year.

We personally aren’t really a fan of this, but it might depend on what additional features they may have.

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