Rants & Reviews – Hunt-A-Killer’s RenFaire Regicide First Episode

We’re no stranger to Hunt-A-Killer, having reviewed them in the past and checked out their products. They are a subscription box program that through a monthly package take their subscribers through a journey of mystery and surprise.

For those not inclined for a 6-month journey, and wanting instant gratification, they also sell their adventures as boxsets as well as standalone mysteries in one box.

Recently they’ve just started a brand new mystery murder, Renfaire Regicide, telling the tale of the King of a local renaissance faire having been brutally murdered in the night between the days of the event.

As an intrepid detective, you were brought to the case by a friend of the person accused of murdering the King. They believe that due to the city’s interest in continuing to make money off the renaissance faire, they jumped to arresting the faire worker without doing a proper investigation.

In this game you dig through the lives of a bunch of over-the-top faire actors and promiscuous playwrights. In this murder mystery subscription box, can you find out who had motive, who had opportunity, and who killed the King of White Hilt Renaissance Faire!

As with before, the items inside the box are the same great quality goods that Hunt-A-Killer provides. Great maps, posters, and accessories to make you feel Like you’re actually in the world of the White Hilt’s Renaissance Faire.

While we’ve only checked out the first box, we are definitely enthralled and want to know more about the characters of the world, and to find out who murdered the King!

Pick up your subscription to Hunt-A-Killer Here!

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