Samsung Bespoke Products Now Include Eco-Friendly Laundry Items!

Samsung is bringing a lot of technology to their Bespoke line-up and while we’ve talked a lot about their fridge in the past after checking out what is coming to the line-up we are shifting our attention to Laundry!

Available in a couple months the new Bespoke Washer & Dryer are going to bring style to front load units. They are available in brushed navy, brushed black, silver steel, and forest green and their flat-front design allows for it to look amazing when recessed in your house walls.

But the reason we are talking about the units is not just that they look amazing, we wanted to discuss their awesome technology in the units that make them hands down the right units for the environment and for people who aren’t very good at washing clothes!

First off, let’s discuss the AI-Powered features of the unit! The smart dial allows it to learn preferences from the user, and recommend specific cycles.

AI Opti-wash removes the need to measure out detergent and softener. Just fill the reservoir, (which can hold up to enough for 20 loads), and the system will decide the right amount of detergent needed and adjust the wash time based on the soil levels in the clothing. How does it know? It checks the soil quality of the water after it passes through the clothes!

If stacked the two units can be controlled from the washer panel, and the system will even recommend the best drying cycle based on its washing cycle!

The other amazing feature of these units is its usage of air and precise measurements to pre-bubble the detergent so that it will work better with colder water, helping reduce the energy needed to heat the water!

So if you need a new set of laundry units, spend a little more and get a fashionable and smart way to manage your laundry!

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