SDCC 2018 First Look – Purge City

Bright and early Thursday morning, on the first official day of San Diego Comic Con, we went to go see The Purge pop up shop in San Diego’s Gaslight District, which advertises the new TV version of the franchise.

The store, which largely resembles Party City, is there to anticipate all your potential needs for before, during, and after The Purge occurs! Shop for bulk amounts of barbed wire, new home security systems, or my favorite weapon: “Pink Betty,” which is a bright pink baseball bat with nails sticking out of it. Perfect for making mincemeat of the jerk next door who keeps dumping trash in your yard. I’m looking at you, Jerry!

This immersive experience places you in a realistic shop, with actual employees who try to sell you actual merchandise. You’re given twenty “purge dollars” as you enter the experience, after going through a metal detector, and friendly staff will help you with all your needs for the next Purge!

A little bit into the activity, a demo is held which features Purge Away, a new cleaning product to help you get that horrible mess that your Purging has caused to your wardrobe. A Purge City employee pulls two people from the audience and has them stain a shirt with ink. One uses “Brand X” stain remover, and the other uses Purge Away. We see that, clearly, Brand X is simply sub-par and will definitely not help remove stains from all the red, sticky…. cherry pie filling!

Purge City will be available for your shopping pleasure Thursday through Saturday, from 11am until 7pm at 215 Tony Gwynn Drive, near Petco Park.

The Purge TV show will air on USA Network on September 4th this year, at 10/9c.

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