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Now is the time for people to stand out and bring good will to all. It happens for multiple reasons. The season brings us closer, and we tend to help those we snuggle up more to those who share love, then hate. It also is benefit to people as the year ends to make their charitable donations for tax reasons.

Now Omaze wants your help to point out heroes within the country. We talked about Omaze‘s amazing charitable contest earlier this month, find it Here, but time has passed, and now it’s time to pick one of three finalists in two categories!

People Who Have Done Good In Their Community:

Matthew George (Nominated 13 People)
Philadelphia man who raised $1,000, placing trash cans around his neighborhood. His work with I Love Thy Hood cleanings sidewalks, and provides business with trash bags, and emptying the trash.

Laureen Jenkins
Created Project Outpour providing mobile showers, restrooms, and toiletries for the homeless in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the hope that doing so can help those in need get a job, or at the least restoring their dignity

Rana Abdelhamid
A survivor of a hate crime, she has made it her mission to teach Muslim and Jewish women self defense, and has done so in over 19 cities.

Vote for your favorite out of the three Here!

Organizations Who Have Done Good In Their Community:

Border Kindness
This organization provides warm meals, electricity, medical services, and gas for immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees. Many of which are children.

Girls Love Mail
This organization helps people write letters to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, to help encourage them, as they make it through this difficult journey.

Mercy Coalition of West Sacramento
This organization runs a rotating shelter, and had done so last winter. Their shelter provided 76 nights of safety and meals to 57 homeless individuals.

Vote for your favorite out of the three Here!

We love opportunities to help our shooting stars in the world, and it’s a great lead into the most cheery and charitable time of the year.

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