Summer Fun Activities In Los Angeles!

Summer is here, and it’s time to find fun things to do with your family before it’s time to force the kids back to school. We wanted to talk about some of the events that are available in Los Angeles and in the greater area that can help keep your family entertained. Whether it be small budget, medium budget, or high budget activities, everyone deserves to have some fun this summer! We aren’t talking about Disneyland, because while we love Disneyland, Disneyland isn’t an easy topic point for a list these days. Keep your eyes peeled for Mistie’s breakdown of how to plan your Disneyland adventure.

As a reminder though while a lot of people are becoming vaccinated and discussions and COVID fear have dwindled substantially, we are still technically in the throes of a pandemic and I highly recommend you take extra care with the form of hand sanitizing, masks and overcrowded public places, and keeping your distance as best as possible.

Have Fun At Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood is our favorite theme park located within and around Los Angeles. It’s tucked away in the hills between the Hollywoods (North and West).

This wonderful park has a lot of fun experiences, rides, and shows for their attendees. Over the years it’s become more stylized with the inclusion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the rebranding of the top space for the Simpsons Land. Now the park has included the new ride of The Secret Life of Pets. The park will also be the future home of Super Nintendo World. When it comes to fun for children, Universal Studios offers a fun and unique local for summer memories to be made. I highly recommend, that if you plan on coming back for Super Nintendo World in early next year, you pick yourself up an annual pass as well! Check out our prior article about the summer events Here.

Until then experience the magic of Harry Potter, the terror of Jurassic World, and the always fun and famous tram ride, which has now made their vehicles all-electric!

Keep Cool At A Waterpark

I always had fun memories of heading to water parks as a child. The wave pool, the slides, and the lazy river are all top and long standing water fun. Now with the horrible heatwave that is rocking Los Angeles and will continue through the summer months, there is no reason to not take the kids to a water park to cool off.

Raging Waters is a long standing and solid water park that has been a mainstay of media throughout the 80s, having even been showcased (Although by a different name) in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The people at Raging Waters have gone out of their way to try to keep the park safe and clean for their attendees. They’ve created teams specifically for cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces and rides throughout the day at the park.

I highly suggest that all interesting in heading to a water park are fully vaccinated as the nature of the parks is a higher risk activity for transmitting and obtaining COVID-19.

Get Out And Camp

Head up to the mountains of the Angeles National Forest and spend some time out in nature. Camping is a fun and enjoyable pastime for a lot of families. While it might not be the favorite for everyone, but if you are a fan of the outdoors this can be an affordable vacation.

I will warn though it can be an expensive experience if you don’t already have all of the camping accessories needed for the trip.

While in my own childhood I don’t have a lot of camping experiences and memories, I do have a few. Those memories stand out and were a lot of fun. Taking your children camping will allow your children to see more of the world, experience something new, and do something outside of just watching the screens of their gaming consoles.

Pick Fruit At Orcutt Ranch

I regularly bring my daughter to Orcutt Ranch to walk through the park. It’s a beautiful and rustic place, just like any natural park, but at the same time it’s very close to most areas of the Valley. One weekend in July the park opens it’s orchards for fruit picking. People can rent a fruit picker for a dollar, and pay $3 for a grocery bag full of fruit, and $6 to collect a medium box full of fruit. This is a great option for families, because it will allows your children to take pride in collecting the very fruit they will enjoy for the following weeks.

The great thing about Orcutt Ranch is that it’s free, not including the cheap fruit picking. It’s a great inexpensive option for families.

Chill At The Beach

Whether you hit the traditional beaches of Santa Monica, A bit more exclusive locations in Malibu or head all the way up to Ventura, the beach can be a lot of fun and a great family day trip to help beat the heat.

You can choose how best to experience the sand, you can just watch the kids play in the waves or go all out and build castle and bury people in sand. The beach is an amazing option that provides a lot of activities for a free, parking aside, price point.

Before you head to the beach though, just make sure that you check for pricing on parking and where are the appropriate locations to park. Nothing ruins a family summer trip then coming back to find out your car has been towed.

Additionally if you want to spend a little bit more, there are a lot more expensive beachside activities to upgrade your fun. You can enjoy fishing, jet skiing, or parasailing. There are a lot of fun options for family of any economic standing.

So what are you doing with your family to celebrate the summer and beat the heat? Let us know in the comments below.

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