T-Mobile Helps Protect You From Scam Calls!

When looking at scams, the desperation of people all over the world has lead to a startling increase in scams, hacking, and data tracking all over the world. T-Mobile has just released its second annual “Scam and Robocall” report talking about the state of its data, and the trends of 2022.

With the increase in scammers, and the technology they use to attack people around the globe, scammers constantly evolve their attack methods, but wireless providers and regulators are fighting back.

Over the course of 2022 T-Mobile’s Scam Shield program was able to identify or simply block over 41.5 billion scam calls in 2022. This was an increase of 75% from 2021. With over 1,300 calls blocked every second, that’s a startling realization of how many scam calls are out there!

It’s a constant battle though, while phone companies like T-Mobile increase they’re safety procedures, the scammers adapt and adjust to continue to get through. To combat this, Scam Shield updates every six minutes to make sure that it’s able to identify or block calls before they reach their clients.

Due to the prevailing scams, it’s estimated that Americans have lost around $39.5B collectively to phone scams during 2022, so anything to curtail these events are appreciated.

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